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All our captains are US Coast Guard licensed and are experienced naturalists as well as enthusiasts. They have spent countless hours exploring, guiding and educating families from all over the world.

  Captain Tom Doyle has been an island resident since the mid 80’s. He grew up in Oregon and then moved to Hawaii where his love of nature and water sports grew. After moving to Hilton Head, he began by creating a kids’ sailing camp and he was the first captain on the island to conduct dolphin tours. On numerous occasions he has been asked to participate with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, including marine wildlife research and protection, and he is an active member of the South Carolina Marine Stranding Network. Tom has worked with film crews from the National Geographic, BBC and the Discovery Channel assisting as a boat guide to film South Carolina’s unique dolphin behavior. Tom has spent well over 30 years exploring and sharing his passion of the local waterways. In fact, more times than not, you can spot him with his two crazy kids enjoying time on the water!
  Captain Scott  is a long time resident of Hilton Head and has over 20 years of experience on the waters in and around the island. He attended Vanderbilt University and has furthered his education by being on the water daily for years guiding and educating families on our unique and amazing eco-system. His experience, as well as his wealth of knowledge of the dolphins and the low country, is a gift he enjoys sharing.


  Captain Andrea has been on the island since 2003 but her education and experience began long before that. She received her degree in Marine Science and Education from Hampshire College and worked in sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation at the New England Aquarium and rehabilitation center. She worked on the Mystic Whaler and has gone on ocean going deliveries and research vessels. She also participated with Tom Doyle on dolphin rescue and research trips and helps with the marine mammal stranding network. She is an amazing guide as well as a dedicated wife and mother of two wonderful little boys. Andrea has also taken on the challenge of being a teacher at the middle school. We still get to see her occasionally, when she stops in to visit returning families!


 Captain Todd grew up in West Virginia and spent many years traveling and living all over the country. He has made Hilton Head his home several times and is back again guiding nature tours and exploring the waters of Hilton Head.  Todd has so many fun experiences and a vast knowledge of marine wildlife that he would like to share.


  Captain James grew up on Hilton Head Island with the water as his playground.  He has spent numerous years with our abundant wildlife and is excited to share his fun and enthusiasm for our water neighbors. James entertains his crew with real local knowledge and some interesting history.


   OPERATIONS MANAGER Jana Moore moved to Hilton Head Island right after college where she obtained a bachelors degree in biology and Political Science. Being from a military family, she grew up all over the world and has continued to travel the globe and speaks Spanish as well. Owner and co-founder of Commander Zodiac, she has managed the office and helped guests arrange their excursions from the beginning. Jana has expanded her customer service into real estate with Dolphin Properties of Keller Williams. She has over thirty years of island knowledge and experience.  She can help you live the dream on Hilton Head Island. She is happily married and has a very talented teenage son.

6 Responses to Our Staff

  1. Victoria Vollbrecht says:

    We visited 7/10/2011 and had Captain Abby as our Captain.  We couldn't have had a more enjoyable time.  Abby was informative, fun, and knew how to cater to the two 4-yr olds on the boat.  He made their first time viewing dolphins a spectacular event, which made it even more special for their parents watching their joy.  Thanks to all…

  2. Etta says:

    Hey, you’re the go to eprerts. Thanks for hanging out there and showing us the best dolphin tour ever!

  3. Sarah says:

    I wanted to thank Captain Scott for a great dolphin tour back in mid-August. My 3 year old son and 4 year old neice were SO excited to meet a real captain, and get to see so many dolphins (and a shark's shadow). It made our first trip to Hilton Head a huge hit and a great memory we will all have for years to come. Thanks Scott!
    Sarah, Cecilia, Celia and Matthew
    Bedford, KY

  4. Chris says:

    What can I say, if you come to Hilton Head Island and do not schedule an excursion with Commander Zodiac you have missed out.  Even if you have never been out on a boat before, but love nature, wildlife, the water, dolphins etc. … this is definitely your chance.  Unbelievable experience!  Phenomenal captains !  I believe Cmdr. Zodiac was the 1st water oriented eco-tour business on Hilton head, now there are many others… but none compare!  The summer on Hilton Head would just not be complete without it. 

  5. The Cray family says:

    Our daughter has grown up with these wonderful people every summer for the past 12 years.  They are the best that Hilton Head has to offer and their owners, Tom and Jana are fabulous business people.  The dolphin tours, Kid's Beach Fun and junior sailing school are activities we have enjoyed year after year.  We highly recommend Commander Zodiac!!
    Sandy, Bill & Rachel
    Bethlehem, PA

  6. Marden says:

    Heckuva good job. I sure apprceiate it.

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