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 Reviewed April 2, 2016

My family of six fit perfectly on the boat, which was private, and closer to the water than the other large tours. We had Todd as a guide and he was VERY knowledgeable about the dolphins/area. He answered all of our questions patiently. He even let my smaller kids sit closer when one of the dolphins was “showing off” for us. We got to see many dolphins up close!! A wonderfully fantastic experience that my husband, kids, and I will always remember!

Visited April 2016


 Reviewed April 5, 2016

My husband has mobility issues but we really wanted to share this adventure together. Everyone of the staff and Captain Todd did a fabulous job of helping him into the zodiac and out at the end of excursion. We saw dolphins and were provided with interesting information about the animals and their habits. It was exhilarating being out on the water and enjoying the sights and sounds. Captain Todd gave us a great experience and took into consideration the conditions of the wind and water to provide us a safe and thoroughly enjoyable 1 hour trip!

Visited April 2016



 Reviewed March 24, 2016

We had a really nice time with me and my two kids. The captain (Travis) was flexible in catering the trip to us and our family. We did see dolphins and learned a lot about them and the areas we were seeing.  We had a really good time!  If we are ever back in the area, we’ll go again!  We liked the size of the boat making it easy to navigate in the channels where they were playing.

Visited March 2016



 Reviewed September 5, 2015 via mobile

This is a “must-do”! We have taken this tour twice and loved it each time. They take you out in the sound on the little zodiac boats and you get up close and personal with dolphins. It’s great with couples and tons of fun with kids. You will not be disappointed with this tour. You must make reservations in advance if you want to do this!

Visited September 2015
 Reviewed August 29, 2015

Fabulous boat trip and guide, Matt! We saw a lot of dolphins and had a lot of fun collecting sea shells on the disappearing sand bar. Bring a sand pail for collecting shells! Our kids are 2.5 and 4.5 – they loved it! But I would recommend that they wear swim suits if you go to the sand bar – they got wet because they wanted to go in the water.

A fabulous experience – totally worth it for all ages.

Visited August 2015
 Reviewed August 22, 2015 via mobile

We had a wonderful time on the dolphin cruise with Captain Scott. Gorgeous views, and getting that close to the dolphins was a highlight of our trip.

Visited August 2015


 Reviewed September 14, 2015

My fiancee and I went out with Captain Scott and another couple for the Salt Marsh Discovery on Monday, September 7th. The boat was small and a little bumpy at times, but this was also its strength–we were blown away by how many dolphins we got to see up close.

Captain Scott was a great storyteller and he seemed to genuinely love being out on the water. His enthusiasm included explanations of the marine ecosystem, but also extended to history of the island, with some funny stories mixed in.

Our initial dolphin sightings came when we parked behind a shrimp boat and watched as the dolphins (and birds!) gobbled up the non-shrimp catch that the boat was throwing back. It was amazing to see whole families (well, mother/son pairs at least) gleefully hanging out in the shrimp boat’s wake.

But the real treat came when Captain Scott took us back into the salt marshes to observe “strand fishing”. This is where dolphins pin fish up against a mud bank in the marsh, forcing them to jump out of the water. This “strands” the fish, and the dolphins then proceed to jump onto the mud bank and scoop up their prey.

We only got to see it briefly, but it was an unforgettable and unique experience. In fact, Captain Scott explained that this particular marsh near Hilton Head Island is the ONLY place in the world where this type of dolphin-fish hunting can be observed.

One of the other passengers remarked that he had seen the strand fishing on National Geographic, and Captain Scott grinned, saying that said footage was most likely filmed from his boat :)

If you want to see something a little different from your typical dolphin watching expedition, this is it.

Visited September 2015
 Reviewed August 20, 2015 via mobile

We took the 2 hour excursion yesterday with my parents, hubby, and two kids, ages 8 and 2. Matt was our guide and he was just amazing! Friendly, knowledgeable, and just all around impressive! I’ve been coming to HHI since I was 7 years old (I’m 31 now, shhh…) and this is the first time we have ever done anything like this and I can tell you it will be a yearly outing for us from now on! I highly recommend this for ALL ages, as my parents, hubby, and myself definitely enjoyed it just as much as the kids!!! Thanks again Matt and Commander Zodiac! We will be repeat customers for sure!

Visited August 2015


 Reviewed August 21, 2015 via mobile

Great boat ride – fun for the kids and adults- history lesson from the captain- tons of Dolphins to see for my kids- stopped a shell bank to pick up some shells. Love the location of the dock — right next to the salty dog.

Visited August 2015
Reviewed August 15, 2015 via mobile

We had such a fabulous time on this dolphin tour. Our captain was wonderful-he told us all about the area, the shrimp boats, the water and was so knowledgeable. He allowed the kids to steer the boat for a bit and took pictures for us. We saw so many Dolphins while we were on the water. It was simply amazing. The boat was on the smaller side so we were able to feel the water spray rather than being up so high on a larger boat and just seeing it. I highly recommend this!

Visited August 2015
Reviewed August 15, 2015

I was in Hliton Head Island, SC for two weeks and loved every minute of it!!! The best part about the trip was a fantastic Commander Zodiac trip with Captain Jamie on Sunday, July 26, 2015. Not only was the amazing experience of the actual ride something fantastic, but the amazing experience in dealing with the office manager, Judy, a treat!!! She, as well as Captain Jamie, are two amazing, very personable individuals and I highly recommend Commander Zodiac to all who have the chance to visit South Beach Marina!!! It is the BEST business at the marina!!!

Visited July 2015


 Reviewed August 13, 2015 via mobile

My new husband and I have been honeymooning in Hilton Head, SC since Monday. First time here for both of us, and are thoroughly enjoying this island!!! Woke up this morning and wanted to go on a boat. Everything we called was booked, except Commander Zodiac had a cancelation for a two hour motorized raft ride. We Immediately got dressed and left for south beach in sea pines with no expectations. The dock for commander zodiac is next to The Salty Dog restaurant. Surprised that we boarded a raft that resembled a boat, but was open for a new adventure. The raft is the kind that the coast guard uses and is very very fun! It was a gorgeous day, but a little windy. Matt was our captain and he was very informative and you could tell he loved his job!! He navigated us to a sand dune and let us out for about 30 minutes to look for sand dollars and shells. We saw a lot of cool birds and beautiful views of surrounding islands and the lighthouses. He knew just were to go to guarantee dolphin sightings! We saw at least 50-60 dolphins that were practically swimming right next to us! Being from up north, I was very excited about this! He also took us to see old ruins on the ajacent island, and down a river (I forget the name) to Dolphin Cove! He stopped when we saw something cool, and sped up and went fast so we almost felt like we were on a high adventure tour! Warning: you get just a little wet, and bc of the bumpy ride, if you have a bad back or arthritis in your hands, I wouldn't recommend it. But if you want a different experience that mixes history, nature, adventure, discovery, and being on the water, this experience was incredible!!!!! We had 4 adults (including us), one little boy who was probably 2 or 3 years old, plus one captain on our raft /boat. Worth the $59/per person + the $20 tip that captain Matt deserved. Very cool and memorable day here in Hilton Head with captain Matt at Commander Zodiac.

Visited August 2015

 Reviewed August 2, 2015

We were a family of 6 taking this excursion for the first time. Our guide was Matt – he was extremely informative with the tour! We had a blast finding live star fish and sand dollars on Dufuskie Island and saw quite a few dolphin. Book this tour with Matt, you won't be disappointed.

Visited July 2015
 Reviewed August 1, 2015 via mobile

Took 2 hr dolphin and sandbar tour. Matt was our guide. He is great! Very informative, knew his history and full of facts. Lots of fun too. At the sandbar we got tons of starfish and sand dollars. Saw dolphins strand feeding 4x on our tour. He knew exactly what to look for and where they'd be! What an awesome experience!

Visited August 2015
Reviewed July 30, 2015

We took the two hour, disappearing sandbar tour with Jamie as our captain. He was very knowledgeable about the area and its wildlife, and answered all our questions. We have a 13 year old son who sat in the front while our 10 year old daughter sat on the "seat" in front of Jamie. The boat is small, but perfect for this type of trip. We saw dolphins on three different occasions and each time was awesome! The sandbar was interesting and fun to walk on and explore, but not many shells or sand dollars are left (don't know if that's due to people or the tides.)

The two hour tour is more expensive, but definitely worth it. We never felt rushed, and we got some great pics on the oyster shell beach and again near the Harbour Town Lighthouse. Jamie shared his stories and took some great pics of our family.

I definitely recommend this tour. We were the only four people on the boat and really got personalized attention.

Visited July 2015


Reviewed July 31, 2015

We did the 1.5 hour dolphin tour and had an amazing time. Our Captain, Matt, was very knowledgeable and shared a great deal of history of the islands and the marine life. He was very accommodating to our entire party (child, teenager, grandparents). The boat holds six passengers and was well worth the extra money to have a private tour (there were several large groups on bigger vessels). This one was very personal and we very much enjoyed our time. We saw dozens of dolphins which came very close to the boat. We booked the day before and found a good time slot. Highly recommend early morning or late afternoon.

Visited July 2015
Reviewed July 22, 2015

Just being on the water in a boat with the dolphins swimming all around us made our trip magical. Our Captain, Todd, told us some amazing stories and history of the Islands. By far the best 2 hours of our day.
Thanks Captain Todd!

Visited July 2015
Reviewed July 7, 2015

My family of 4 did the two hour ride to the "disappearing sandbar" with Capt Jamie. It was a great time for all of us (kids are 8 and 10) and Capt Jamie was a lot of fun, kept the kids interested and had some good stories too. We saw dolphins and found a dozen sand dollars on the island. Hit some choppy water too which everyone loved. Would definitely go back again.

Visited June 2015


Reviewed July 8, 2015

A wonderful boat ride with numerous dolphin and wildlife sightings! The Captain and the staff go out of their way to make your trip enjoyable!

Visited July 2015
 Reviewed July 1, 2015 via mobile

We did both the zodiac ride to look at the dolphins / beach combing, and a trip out in one of the small sailboat catamarans. It was an amazing experience, and the only issue we had was that we were not aware that the sailboat trip was a "wear a bathing suit, you WILL get wet" experience. It was still a ton of fun though!

Visited July 2015
 Reviewed June 29, 2015 via mobile

Wow! We took our five year old daughter (who loves dolphins) and the trip exceeded our expectations! Our captain found a shrimp boat that dolphins were following and we literally couldn't count how many dolphins we saw. Some of the highlights were dolphins a few feet from the boat and seeing three dolphins come to the surface at the same time.

The staff when we booked was so friendly! Our captain, Matt, was also very friendly and knowledgeable about dolphins and the island.

The boat ride itself was enjoyable.

It was absolutely worth the price.

(Pictures don't do it justice. It was amazing!)

    Visited June 2015
    Reviewed June 27, 2015

    The captain was great. I loved seeing the dolphins. We saw a Mama & Baby. I loved holding a cannon ball jelly fish!!! I also loved feeling the ocean water on my face. Great experience!!!

    Visited June 2015
    Reviewed June 25, 2015

    We've been out with Commander Zodiac almost every year for 20 years and this year was our most amazing trip ever. Matt picked up on the fact that we'd already seen lots of the normal sights and took us straight back to the salt marsh where we saw the dolphins strand fish eight different times. We've only seen it once before and this was super amazing. A good size pod (10 dolphins or so) including a mom and baby of maybe three of four weeks. After the pod had pretty well decimated the shoal of fish, we stayed and watched mom teaching her little one how to coral the fish and drive them toward the shore. She even pushed him up toward the shore a bit.

    Add to this: a small loggerhead turtle, a shark leaping clear out of the water chasing a fish and a great blue heron who was letting the dolphin do all the work and then grabbing the spare fish when they were done. Really, really amazing.

    Thank you, Matt. Thank you, Commander Zodiac.  

      Visited June 2015
      Reviewed June 25, 2015 via mobile

      Best Dolphin trip on Hilton Island. Very knowledgable captain of marine life and area marsh waterways. Tour by zodiac is nice and very cooling ocean breeze.

      Visited June 2015
      Reviewed June 20, 2015

      We took our 3 and 5 year old daughters on this dolphin cruise. Matt our guide was great – very informative and very friendly. Loved the fact that these are smaller tours- limited to six people per boat. Scheduling was seamless too. Called a week before and was able to do everything over the phone. This was a wonderful trip. Would definitely recommend.

      Visited June 2015
       Reviewed June 19, 2015

      We did the dolphin tour that left at 7:30pm, so the sun was getting ready to set. The drivers were entertaining, educated, and fun and we saw about 15 dolphins. Some of them were RIGHT next to the zodiac. It was incredible and great for kids.

      Visited June 2015
      Reviewed June 30, 2015

      Last year, I went to a camp called Commander Zodiac because I wanted to learn how to operate a sailboat. I learned so much, I want to buy a boat.

      Visited June 2015


       Reviewed August 20, 2014

      Please share this photo with Matt.  He was our captain on Monday.  It
      was an incredible trip and my daughter, Maria, took this photo of this
      dolphin standing.  We saw dozens of dolphins that day.
      Matt was an excellent captain during our tour and we will recommend
      your company to our friends and family.
      Susan W. (Akron, NY)


      Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2014 
      From: erhayden
      Thank you very much for sending us the pictures, they turned out great! We all had a fun time! Kallie was talking about the boat and dolphins all day… thanks for letting her drive.

      This is a great tour. We have been on this almost every time we have been to Hilton Head and each time it was great – even the time we got caught in a storm. This year we brought our 11 month old and he had a great time. We have enjoyed both Andrea and Scott as guide and are looking forward to riding with them again next year. 
      Great dolphin tour for all ages, definitely worth the money! I have no doubt we will be repeat customers!
      We had an amazing time on a perfect sunset dolphin watch (11/26/11). Dolphins swam up to the boat, we collected beautiful shells on the sandbar and laughed so hard we cried. Captain Heath was knowledgeable and a ton of fun – we'll definitely sail with him again!
      We went out last Saturday with my 3 kids and it was amazing! We want to do it again. The kids loved it and keep asking to do it again. Thanks Andrea for being so great!
      Cool shot of Luke and the dolphin today. Thanks for the adventure. The boys loved it. I will send more after I edit them. Leeanna
      Kaitlyn Massengill & I had the MOST AMAZING DAY with Captain Andrea!!! She was WONDERFUL! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND going here when you visit Hiliton Head Island! Memories that will last FOREVER! ♥

      Shelly Kopas Brionesposted toCommander Zodiac

      Thanks Heath for a great trip last week! I am hoping to upload pictures of the strand feeding this evening. Also, referred another Louisville family, that is coming down over the Fourth to ask for you.

      March 20, 2011Thanks! We had a great time!

      August 24, 2011really awesome! My daughter and I just got back from our first dolphin tour and it was wonderful!!!! We saw soooo many and they were super close, can't wait to do it again!

      Thanks for a great time, we had Captain Heath. We were lucky enough to see and video dolphins strand feeding. Very cool. Two thumbs up.

      August 17, 2011

      Thank you, Tom for another wonderful dolphin cruise!
      Here is a photo of Captain Tom, Erika, Kaylee, Abby, & Adam 
       (A 2nd generation of dolphin cruise expeditions!)

      Thank you Andrea for a great trip. We've been coming to Hilton Head for many years but it was our first dolphin cruise with Commander Zodiac. And it was the highlight of the trip! This is something that we will add to our must do list every year! I never imagined we'd see so many dolphins and collect so many shells! Thanks again. 

      Loved seeing the strand feeding earlier this summer. Thanks for a great trip!!





      Thank you Andrea for a great trip today! The dolphins were amazing. We definitely had great dolphin karma. Our daughter Grace can't stop talking about the dolphin that came right up to the boat to say "Hi." The trip was the highlight of our week on HHI.
      May 7th 2011 Thanks for a great "Mothers Day" trip!! My mom and I enjoyed everything!!

      Thanks for a great trip, Andrea! I had a blast with my mom, on mothers day wknd, watching baby and mama dolphins. We loved the little showoff dolphin the best. He (she?) was just adorable. I will post pictures soon.

      April 8, 2011
      my family and i had the best time of our lives!!!!! thanks mr.scott!(:
      first trip of the season! so much fun 🙂 thanks for everything!!




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      1. Janet & Jim Moore says:

        We went out on Monday 4-16-2012 and had the time of our life.   Our Captian and tour guide has been elevated to "ROCK STAR STATUS" after that amazing afternoon in April.   Matt Bernhardt was awesome.  It was like an old  friend was taking us on a boat ride to show us the sites.  We had such a good time. I do not think we will ever forget it.  We were able to see dolphins feeding in the wild, not once but several times.  If I did not see it I would not believe anyone telling me a story about four dolphins pushing a school of fish on shore, then beaching themselves to feed.  I truly was an amazing site to behold.  The six of us on the boat was just as excited at Matt.  This is a must do when you are on Hilton Head Island. I would recomend this to everyone of all ages.  I like to treat people how I want to be treated and Matt has the same philosphy, we felt like we knew him for years.  He knew his stuff and shared it in a very special way.  So thanks Matt for the best boat ride ever.  We will be back.

      2. Sandra Vernon says:

        What a wonderful start to the day on a zodiac trip with Captain Andrea! She took my family on a terrific excursion. We saw a huge pod of dolphin and then up the marsh area for bird watching, etc. Captain Andrea is not only a great captain but was a great guide pointing out the various wildlife and describing the history and ecosystem of the area. My family had a great time thanks to Commander Zodiac, Jana and her hospitality and Captain Andrea! Highly recommended! A "must do" activity while on Hilton Head Island.

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