NEW LOCATION! Broad Creek Marina
18 Simmons Road
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926


Where are you located? Broad Creek Marina 18 Simmons Road, Hilton Head Island

Do we guarantee dolphins? No, we can not guarantee wildlife or their behavior. However, you do have a 99% chance of seeing the dolphins as the captains know right where to take you for your best opportunity of up close interaction.

Can we touch or pet the dolphins? No, these are wild dolphins and we respect their environment. We follow the Dolphin Smart guide when interacting with the dolphins. It is also illegal to touch or feed dolphins in the wild. Click here for more information.

What is the best time to see the dolphins? There isn’t one time better than another. You have the same 99% chance on whichever trip you choose. The best time is the one that fits your schedule.

What about the Weather? We have weather that changes very quickly. Our captains are experienced and extremely cautious with the weather. We have up to the minute radar reports as your safety is our first concern. A little rain won’t cancel a trip but we do not go in any threatening weather such as thunder or lightening. Please don’t relay on the weather channel as it doesn’t always predict for our immediate area and the captains even have radar on their cell phones.

Can we bring 7 on the boat if they are only little kids or babies? No, six passengers is the maximum and the Coast Guard counts every person whether a baby or not. We do have more than one boat to accommodate parties larger than six. The boats go out together and can stay together so you can share your experience and take pictures of each other.

Is it safe for all ages? Yes we take passengers from infants to grandparents. Kids are thrilled by the boat ride and parents love the closeness to the water. Being a smaller boat not only allows us to go places others cannot but also allows us to cater the trip to the passengers on board. From fast to slow we aim to please. We have life jackets available for everyone. This is safe, educational and enjoyable experience for the entire family.

Is the boat handicapped accessible? Yes, except on the 2.5 hour because it would be difficult to disembark on the sand bar.

What should we wear? Dress for comfort. You may get a spray but it is generally a dry ride. You will probably get wet if it is windy. In cooler weather we recommend layers as it is always cooler on the water. On the two hour excursion, shoes that can be easily removed or get wet are recommended because you will be getting your feet wet when getting off the boat onto the island.

What should we bring? Definitely your camera and video cameras are fine. We also recommend lots of sun screen and water to stay hydrated.

Phone 843-671-3344

We operate seven days a week
and reservations are required

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NEW LOCATION! Broad Creek Marina

18 Simmons Road
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

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